PM: Shaping transformation – the potential of concrete construction

If you want to have a positive impact on climate change, you have to start with construction. The construction industry accounts for more than 25 % of global CO2 emissions and 40 % of energy consumption.

The concrete industry is a particular focus here. 7 % of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to cement production alone.
The sector has a large carbon footprint, but at the same time holds huge potential for sustainable construction.

The aim of this year’s BetonTage, which is being held under the motto “Shaping transformation”, is to highlight this. The presentations will cover topics ranging from CO2-reduced production of building materials and components to lightweight construction, the circular economy and digitalization.

The leading congress of the concrete and precast concrete industry will take place from May 14 – 16, 2024 at the Congress Centrum Ulm. An extensive information exhibition with over 130 companies and start-ups from the supplier, machine and software industry will accompany the industry event.